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We believe that kids learn best when they’re having fun. That’s why we started Da Vinci Adventures: to channel our passion for science and goofiness into something that benefits Colorado families.

From library programs to birthday parties, our shows are always hands-on, educational, and FUN. Check out our Services tab to see what we offer, and don’t hesitate to use the form on our Contact page if you have questions.

We’re a small, local business, so you can be positive we’ll focus on your needs from start to finish. Check out our availability today!

It’s not every day you show up to a birthday party and get your own in-person Bill Nye episode! I’m gonna be shoehorning that experience into conversations for weeks at least.

Christopher, Denver

I got so many great, positive comments after the program…. [They] had an excellent handle on the crowd and kept the kids interested and under control. We would recommend having them at your library!

Val, Bemis Library

They’re very knowledgeable and energetic. The rockets were a blast, the liquid nitrogen ice cream was really cool, and the presentation on black holes really sucked everyone in. Highly recommend!

Erin, Denver

I was very impressed with the program. The kids were all engaged and had a great time. A library program is always best when it’s a combination of learning and fun. Rocket Academy was definitely that combination.

Lisa, Columbine Library

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